Our services

“David has been a real pleasure to work with. He has many qualities which make him stand out; he is very friendly, knows his domain very well and has a flexible and professional approach. He has not failed to deliver to and sometimes exceed expectations.” (Darren Tarrant, Technical Manager, Granite5)

We help you by …

  • Auditing existing spreadsheet solutions
  • Implementing coded formulas where appropriate to avoid “in-cell” errors
  • Providing you with reports and metrics that give you total visibility of your business
  • Upgrading and enhancing existing solutions
  • Salvaging old systems that are no longer delivering what your business needs
  • Stepping in where you may have lost touch (or fallen out!) with another provider

How we work

  • We believe “people do business with people” so where possible we will come and see you in person
  • We offer a no-cost, no-obligation, initial meeting to appraise and scope the requirement
  • Our frequent experience is that we are able to add considerably to the process of determining the best course of action
  • We have a strong commercial approach, and it is critical for us that a proposed solution meets the business case
  • We are flexible about the format that the project takes – we will try and fit with your needs within certain constraints
  • We are very collaborative, as that way we avoid “scope creep”, so we will need a time commitment from you

What you get

  • Total ownership of any and all software – we don’t hold our clients to ransom
  • The ability to change specifications “on the fly” (within reason!) as we know things become clearer once you start
  • Full terms that set out what we will provide and what we expect from you (see them here)
  • Full support and minor modifications at no additional cost for 60 days after implementation
  • Bug fixes for one year after implementation, at no additional cost if the bug is caused by our error or ommission

Why work with us

  • We have a strong operational, commercial background
  • We got into the technology as a means to an end – business is the driver, not the IT
  • We have over three decades of experience of a wide range of business situations
  • We believe that process, workflow, and management information are central to business operation
  • Our systems are built around you, and we are conscious that you won’t buy into them if you can’t use them easily

Who are you?

  • Excel-Consultant.biz is operated by David Hardstaff (about David)
  • All systems are specified and project-managed by David Hardstaff, and mostly written by him
  • Third-party providers are used for specific functions, or to add capacity – all are tried, tested and trusted

How can we talk?

  • Call today to see how we can help, on 01438 832724, or contact us here.